Keep Your Dog Off The Hot Pavement With These 3 Alternative Activities

The Institute of Pet Nutrition Blog Post

With the hot summer sun beating down on the pavement, it can make the surface dangerous for your pets paws. The sizzling hot asphalt and sidewalk can burn the bottom of their pads and create severe burns. First, to test if it’s too hot, try taking your shoe off and standing on the ground barefoot. If it’s unbearable for you, chances are it’ll be unbearable for your four legged buddy. With that being said, exercise is still important so finding things to do off the pavement is key! Here are some other things you can do to relieve some of their energy during the hot season:

1) Dog Park

    • The dog park is the perfect oasis for your dog. Typically, the parks are off leash. This gives your pup the opportunity to run freely and much as they please. It also gives them a chance to socialize with other dogs and even play- this is a win-win because the more they play the more energy they will burn!
2) Hill Repeats
    • Working your dog's hind legs is just as important as working their front. Hill repeats are great for strengthening those muscles. Do this until
3) Agility course
    • Setting up obstacles is a good way to give your dog both physical and mental exercise. This can also be tailored to the size and strength of your pup!