About Us

Here at the Institute of Pet Nutrition, we are pet people!

At The Institute of Pet Nutrition, we formulate vitamins and supplements to keep dogs healthy, pain free, and happy. Backed by science and influenced by our customers, we’re here to help you enjoy and bond…

Since launching The Brand Nutrition in 2016 with The Institute of Pet Nutrition, The
Brand has been developing effective vitamins and supplements like VitaHealth Adult and VitaHealth Senior, VitaHip and Joint, and VitaCalm for dogs in the United States and Canada. Today The Brand is a small team working in an old barn in Southern Oregon doing what we love... developing products to keep your best friend healthy, happy, and active.

Ben’s interest and commitment to healthy dogs started with his commitment to his own dogs... Hobie, Landon, and Nelson. Ben hikes with his dogs in the Cascade and Siskiyou mountains near his home and office. Those hikes are his “recharge” time, and watching his dog’s pure joy on the trail is infectious.

Ben worked for major brands like Disney and ESPN, developing and managing
partnerships based on trust, shared success, and products that delivered on their
promise. Facing some unexpected health challenges, he took it as an opportunity to refocus his time and efforts from working a day job to do something for those that brought him joy every morning out on the trail. His career turn was literally going to the dogs—in the best way possible. The Institute of Pet Nutrition was born in 2016. Ben reached out to some of the leading academic veterinarian nutritionists for advice and wisdom, along with dog nutritional experts and compounding pharmacists to formulate vitamins and supplements for dogs.

Ben still gets his best ideas and inspiration hiking in the Siskiyous with Nelson. Hiking with Nelson makes him contemplate what he can do to extend his dog’s time on the trail, pain free and with joyful energy and mobility? Those questions were the motivation for VitaHip and Joint and VitaHip and Joint Turmeric. Nelson, and a pack of Nelson’s dog-friends are The Institute of Pet Nutrition’s primary focus group and product testers. All vitamins and supplements have to succeed with Nelson and his pack of friends before being available to a broader market.
Made in the United States We work with local and trusted suppliers to source all of our ingredients and manufacture all of our vitamins and supplements only in the United States. We visit these facilities regularly and take pride that our products help employ, at good wages, American workers.

Giving Back

We provide our products to shelters and animal rescue centers throughout the United States at cost, and contribute a percentage of our profit to local, non-profit dog rescue and dog adoption centers, and organizations that train service dogs.