Why Buy?


The Institute of Pet Nutrition

We at Waggedy know that dogs are more than just pets, they’re family members, so our goal is to develop products that keep them happy, active and most importantly healthy.


Based on the latest research, academic studies and available information we formulate vitamins and supplements to benefit your dog’s health and well being. We source only the highest quality ingredients from reliable and trusted vendors.

U.S. Quality Control:

All of our ingredients are tested for purity before manufacturing and all manufacturing is done in the U.S. and in accordance to the highest standards. Facilities are FDA-enforced CGMP certified with regular site visits ensuring that these standards are met. And we take pride that our products help employ American workers at good wages.


Waggedy produces vitamins and supplements that your dog will be eager to eat. For us palatability is a priority. We want dogs to love the taste of our products so they won’t fuss over eating these “functional” treats.


Our prices are competitive so all dogs can reap the benefits Waggedy’s products.