Digestive Health

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Restore balance in your dog’s digestive system with dog probiotics made for sensitive tummies. Just like us, dogs require a balance of good flora in their digestive tract so they can remain regular, healthy. That’s why we created Digestive Health for dogs, an essential blend of prebiotics and probiotics that help balance your pet’s GI tract by optimizing their stomach and supporting intestinal problems. These are perfect for training puppies and dogs over 6 weeks old because they provide a healthy, delicious snack for every positive action!


The best probiotics for dogs are these soft treats with natural enzymes help nutrients reach the digestive tract for optimal pet support.

Helps your dog's upset stomach when transitioning between food sensitivity while reducing flatulence, bad breath, diarrhea, or yeast infections.

Relieve irritable tummy problems and provide digestive support for a wide range of stomach issues your pet might face including, loose stool, constipation, bowel or stomach issues,

If your pet has recently recovered from an illness or a round of antibiotics, probiotics can help bring balance back to stomach processes.


The key ingredients in our proprietary formula probiotic supplement for dogs are designed to pass through the entire GI tract, providing digestive health balance by breaking down excess proteins. In fact, lipase helps breakdown fats while cellulose helps breakdown corn or wheat found in most pet foods. Healthy bacterial strains are then able to boost immune system health by retaining essential nutrients! We’ve improved our formula over dog probiotics by adding PB6 technology that pushes it further along the GI tract to improve nutrient absorption. Give these probiotic treats to your dog to provide preemptive health support or to help them overcome current digestive tract issues. Great for puppies, adults and seniors. Manufactured in the USA in an FDA, cGMP compliant facility these wheat-free tasty chews are for dogs or puppies over 6 weeks. The Institute of Pet Nutrition supplements are crafted right here in the United States to ensure purity, quality, and reliability you can trust.